Welcome to The Twisted workshop where you will find hand crafted Jewellery and accessories that are different to the normal. Celtic, Gothic, Fantasy, Fetish and Alternative styles that are as individual as you are. 

We are building this site all the time and adding toys, floggers, chokers and collars all the time. We are also going to build an information base giving advice and ideas on the use of some of the items, first hand reviews on new ideas and information about new items being designed and made in the workshop. 




The Twisted Workshop designs and makes Chokers, Bracelets, Collars, Floggers, paddles and furniture from all sorts of material except leather. There are so many good leather makers out there and we wanted to offer an alternative to "the norm", paracord, plastic, ABS, nylon, wood, rope are just some of the materials we use.

  We strive to come up with innovative and new ideas, some of what we make are one off's, and everything is made by hand so each item is unique in it's own right. 

  From hand crafted Celtic Jewellery to Gothic style adornments, Fantasy and Fetish toys and furniture including Floggers, Paddles, Dragon Tails, Collars and Restraints, and all made to your specification, style and size. 


The Twisted Workshop strives to make good quality items at an affordable price. From the traditional to the weird and wacky all our items are made with passion and care. 


   We can also design and make bespoke, one off, item's to customers specification so, if you have an idea that you'd like to see let me know, the only limit's are imagination.